January 25-26, 2019


New Work by Kelcey Fisher (KFiSH) Featuring Collaborations with 16 Artists (full list below)

Friday, January 25 // 6 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, January 26 // 11 AM – 5 PM

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On Friday, January 25, The Rendon Gallery (located at 2055 E 7th Street, Los Angeles) opens its doors to the public for the first time. The debut exhibit, BLEND, is a pop-up show featuring the work of L.A. artist Kelcey Fisher, a.k.a. KFiSH, in collaboration with artists Zachary Bennett-Brook, Kyle Boatwright, Armando Dela, Gabe Gault, Davia King, Colette Miller, Moncho 1929, Vero Villareal Sada, Tiaan Schreuder, Shplinton, Priscilla Carpenter Witte, Yanoe, and Ralph Ziman, among others.

The Rendon Gallery is part of Art At The Rendon, an ongoing series of creative programs designed to celebrate and support the arts.

In 2018, KFiSH helped kick off The Rendon’s new life as a venue for art, performance, and musical events by creating site-specific art for the inaugural Art At The Rendon event, HIDDEN ROOMS. A celebration of the local arts community, HIDDEN ROOMS gave more than 60 individual artists the opportunity to work side by side throughout the three-story hotel. The different elements, united by the building itself into a creative force, demonstrated the powerful impact of an artistic collective. This experience sparked the idea for BLEND.

KFiSH originally planned to create a solo series for The Rendon Gallery, but he sensed that a collaborative exhibition would feel more authentic in this community-centric space. It seems fitting that The Rendon Gallery’s first show reflects L.A.’s diverse creative energy. To create BLEND, KFiSH partnered with artists from varying backgrounds, styles, and platforms to make art using mixed media. KFiSH has spent the last several months working with collaborators to bring BLEND to life, as well as documenting their creative processes in order to share them with the community.

The Rendon Gallery will display 16 pieces, each occupying an 8’x8’ surface area. KFiSH is working with collaborators to create 14 of the pieces, in addition to creating two new pieces of solo work for the show. All 16 pieces will be for sale, as well as 10 prints of selected pieces.

“Collaborating with other artists pushes me to work in different styles and grow as an artist and try out different mediums. It’s just a great experience all around. I’m learning their processes and they’re learning mine as well, and we’re building this artists’ community through it.” – KFiSH

Three of the featured artists—King, Boatwright, and Gault—previously worked with KFiSH on an art project at the Nipton Resort in Nipton, California. They used vintage cars as their canvases, and the custom-painted cars will be on display in the Rendon’s parking lot during BLEND.

Sponsors include Coronado Brewing Company and Rebel Coast Winery.

BLEND Opens to the Public:
Friday, January 25 // 6 PM – 10 PM
Saturday, January 26 // 11 AM – 5 PM